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“Respect has become a vital part of our relationship ...”

Dear Kim & Steve, Before this year has gone, I wish to thank you both most sincerely for helping me save my marriage.

At the beginning of this year, all seemed hopeless and my husband and I had separated under very unpleasant circumstances.

Totally distressed and unable to make sense of my husband's behaviour,

I stumbled upon your website 'by accident'. This, as well as your wonderful emails and podcasts helped me to gradually understand what had been going on in my marriage.

Nine months later, my husband and I are back together (and have been since May). We are both very happy and respect has become a vital part of our relationship. It has taken time and great patience to rebuild trust, but our friendship is stronger than ever and for the first time I feel he respects me for who I am.

Every day is a blessing, even though there is still work to be done.

We would not be together today if it were not for your wonderful website and positive message. I am sure many people have already said this, but please never doubt the good you both do.

God bless you both!

Eleana Kerr


NOTE: If you someone in your life has narcissistic tendencies it is very important that you do not confront them with this information without first subscribing and getting our information and advice.

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Bringing Sanity Back to Your Home

Kim Cooper

End the Conflict Not Your Relationship

  After years of us fighting, I was told Steve was suffering from

something called Narcissistic Personality Disorder and because there was no cure I should ‘just leave’ with ‘no contact’.

  Shocked the professionals were so negative with so little to offer,

I determined to find answers to help end the fighting and bring love and emotional stability to our home.

  Years later when our marriage had improved beyond all recognition,

I decided to turn my research into an eBook. My notes (first written for my own reference) became, Back From the Looking Glass - 13 Steps to a Peaceful Home,.

  I had no idea what I had begun; seven years on we have received over a thousand testimonials, many from people in desperate situations, saying we have saved their family, sanity, marriage and sometimes even their life.

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“Forget needing years on the therapist’s couch

endlessly going over who said what and why . . .

You wont find the happy marriage you are searching for

until you change the bad habits and relationship

mistakes you are making everyday.”

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I have found your approach has changed my perspective entirely. I had identified that I was co-dependent, but all of your information about narcissistic personality traits and how they interact with co-dependents rang so true. And the result of the subtle changes in my attitude and all this reading and beginning this emotional work of my own? - he is suddenly flowing with loving kindness towards me. It's incredible!

I have a new faith in this relationship which I was basically ready to walk out on, until I realised that I would probably just do the same thing all over again and never understand why.

So, thank you for your writing and your research into this area - I have to say this is the only really practical information I have come across that makes sense - and really works!

Best wishes,


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Just thought I would let my favorite couple in the world know everything is going great and it was mostly cause of you, thank you so much!

Tina G.

“Everything is going great”

“May God bless YOU. . . your efforts ... and your results . . .”

“You're providing the "impossible to find ...”

Please write more. The broken hearts in this world need to identify with others and know there's spiritual help/friendship while they heal. You're providing the "impossible to find" these days. And even more, you're providing instructions for how to not cast the so-called permanently damaged out into the cold. 

Hugs and love, 

Kathy WaldenUSA

“I swear to God you saved my life ...”

Kim is a hero and so are you (Steve)  for going public. I swear to god you saved my life. Thanks for taking the time and all my best,

Cindy Black

“He is suddenly flowing with loving kindness towards me. It's incredible! . . .”

Thank for all your hard work.....putting this information out.....and getting in print. I am learning a great deal from your efforts....and when I "apply it" in my life....it's working incredibly!!

At times I get a little "lost"...but through your books, shared experiences and recommended reading/listening...all of these things are helping me to find my way back so that I can gain control of my life. It's creating an new awareness and providing me with the tools for learning "Emotional Intelligence".

Seeing my world from a new angle...and Loving it!! Feeling like I'm a success...not a failure.

Can't thank you enough!!

May God Bless YOU...your efforts....and your results....



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