Geometric Circles as a Symbol for the Website Narcissism CuredAre We Claiming a Cure for Narcissism?

Kim Cooper

Hi I am Kim Cooper and welcome to Narcissism Cured.

Narcissism Cured’, should not be taken to mean we are claiming a universal cure for narcissism. Instead, Narcissism Cured refers to our own personal journey which helped my husband Steve grow beyond his narcissism to become a solid husband and father.”

This journey began when the professionals informed me about a mysterious disorder commonly called ‘narcissism’ which they said meant no hope for my marriage.

When Steve was assessed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, everyone told me I should leave him.  I was made to feel a fool for hoping he might get better.”

Despite this and even though Steve was hurting me, I refused to abandon him. No matter what people were saying about narcissism I knew there had to be answers. I made a lot of mistakes, got a lot of professional help and nearly drove myself mad reading advice online from bitter people who had not solved their relationship problems.

At first I studied the psychology of narcissism (which was all rather confusing) and when nothing helped I began to despair.  For years I struggled and things only got worse until an event occurred in my life (I share in Back From the Looking Glass) that at last got my thinking on track.  I swapped from psychology and started looking at parenting and leadership training. Instead of trying to change Steve I started looking at how I was reacting to his narcissism instead.

The change in me produced a change in Steve and although it still took over a year, the worst of Steve’s narcissism was at last cured!

Years later when our marriage had improved beyond all recognition, I decided to turn my research notes into an eBook. With the help of my good friend (and behavioural scientist) Dallas Fell, my notes (first written for my own reference) became, Back From the Looking Glass – 13 Steps to a Peaceful Home.

picture of the Narcissism Cured Team

The Narcissism Cured Team Today – Behavioral Scientist Dallas Fell, with Kim & Steve Cooper

Narcissism Cured Was Born!

We had no idea what we’d begun; eight years on our team at Narcissism Cured have received over 15 hundred testimonials, many from people in desperate situations, saying we have saved their family, sanity, marriage and sometimes even their life.

Of course, we cannot know that what cured the narcissism in our family will work for everyone. Narcissism is not an easy problem to deal with and there are no magic wands or easy answers. Instead we have come forward and shared our journey in the hope that it may help your family if you are facing similar problems.

These days there are a growing number of  psychologists and psychiatrists following our work who regularly inform us that we are helping both the clinicians and their patients to recognize and deal with their narcissism at work and in their relationships.

A clear actionable approach . . .

I have purchased several of your e-books. I have Back From the Looking Glass, Love Safety Net, and 10 more

Please quote what I said about the value of your ebooks . . .

Steve, please (you and Kim) quote what I said about the value of your ebooks, if that would help more

Fixing my codependence fixed up my life . . .

Reading through your books on co dependence and narcissism were truly wonderful and really helped me understand myself and more

Kim and Steven’s work is life changing . . .

As a Health and Safety Practitioner, I feel that my opinion on preventing one of the leading causes of more

If it wasn’t for you I would not have much hope . . .

I love your work. Thank you so much for offering to us. If it wasn't for you I would more

Things are more civil here . . .

I did buy back from the looking glass and your workbook. I am reading it now and already started more

Forget needing years on the therapist’s couch endlessly going over who said what and why . . .  You wont find the happy marriage you are searching for until you change the bad habits and relationship mistakes you are making everyday.”

Narcissism Does Not Equal No Hope

Don’t let them tell you no cure, no contact, no hope! Working through the steps and exercises we offer will help you identify the narcissism in your family and leave you in a stronger and safer place!  Our team at Narcissism Cured are here to support you, whether you save your marriage or not.  Either way for yourself and your kids sake you need to resolve the conflict and that is what our work at Narcissism Cured is all about.

Please explore this website and checkout our Definition of Narcissistic and Definition of Codependency.  If you need help with your marriage please visit our website supporting couples in crisis at The N/C Marriage.

Kim Cooper