The Love Safety Net Workbook


The Love Safety Net Workbook by
Kim and Steve Cooper

Five Stars

Jam packed full of exercises for you to become more attractive and build lasting love with your partner, friends and family

Even when faced with difficult circumstances this workbook will help you gain confidence in attracting friendship, lasting love and respect in your life. Don't put off building the skills you need for a life filled with love.

The Love Safety Net Workbook

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I went to see my counsellor yesterday without my wife and read him the last page of your workbook.  He thought it was one of the most beautiful things he has ever heard.  Today we had another appointment with both me and my wife and he made me read it to her. "Learning to love is about learning to help others feel safe and allow natural attachment and trust to grow ... ".  He thought both the first and last sentence were particularly great.  So now I am charged with the task of seeking to understand what is needed and what is missing, so I can become someone that she can count on, appreciate, value and love.

A Readers Response

Kim ... out of all the advice and words I have heard from you ... these were the most powerful  "Shame and guilt serve a purpose in changing behavior. Once the behavior has changed ... they serve no purpose and should be left behind" amazing words to me ... I have held on to those far too long as the damage done was long ago and looking backwards only impairs my ability to enjoy today.

A Readers Response