- Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Your Partner

Are You Treated Differently in Private than in Public?

  1. -Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Yourself

Are Your Nerves Shattered from Hiding Your Shame?

Relationship abuse may begin with a person who feels vulnerable and poorly equipped to deal with life and who may also fear abandonment.

  1. Does your marriage make you feel weak rather than strong?

  2. Do you feel your wife undermines you rather than supports you?

  3. Do you envy other men whose wives love and take care of them?

You cannot increase your intelligence, but happily you can increase your emotional intelligence and working on this and other personal development skills to help you feel more secure as a person will certainly help.

On the outside this person may appear confident and strong, but may need to control her family (and make them feel bad about themselves) to make her feel strong and like she is in charge.

We offer help for victims to see how their own actions and reactions play into their abusive relationship. 

No matter how much you feel you are the innocent victim of a abusive wife statistics show that by leaving your wife (and putting all the blame on her for your abusive relationship) you are like to form exactly the same type of relationship (or worse) again in the future.

Abusive Wife

What is Relationship Abuse?

Why do Wives Abuse Their Husbands?

What if I am an Abusive Wife?

What Can I do if I am the Victim of an Abusive Wife?

An abusive wife may secretly fear abandonment and react very negatively to the threat of you leaving. For this reason it is better NOT to threaten divorce if you don’t intend going through with it - even if she pretends to not care about you. You should know that threatening to leave may make her behavior even worse.

You should also know that divorce is not your only option. We have advice that will improve your situation whether you leave or stay. Steve and I had about the worst marriage ever, but now 5 years on, I believe we have one of the best!

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“In the end the solution I found to create a great marriage was not divorce or spending years on a therapist’s couch discussing who said what and why ...”

- What is Narcissism? - The many meanings of the word narcissism through history.

  1. -Narcissism Test

Narcissism tests can be misleading.

  1. -Are We Claiming a Cure for Narcissism? - No.

This site simply shares what we have learned on

our personal journey of recovery.

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  1. -Codependence in Yourself

Do you give your best but it is never enough?

  1. -Codependence in Your Partner

Has your relationship become a depressing chore?

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