If you partner is more attached to something or someone other than you and/or your kids this could be considered an affair.

Working through the exercises in Our Love Safety Net Workbook will help you build love and trust again with your family and will also help you fill your developmental gaps so that you do not feel so desperate for attention and affection.

If your partner flirts and seeks praise and attention this may be a sign that you are part of a Narcissistic / Codependent Marriage.   

If you are often jealous for no apparent reason this is a sign you may need to work on your attachment style and relationship skills. There are exercises for this in The Love Safety Net Workbook to help you build more emotional intimacy and security in your relationships. However if you do believe that you partner is cheating on you, it is best to make moves to find out without obsessing. You can discretely ask other members of your family (and your friends) if they know anything, or you may need to hire a private investigator.

The steps and exercises we offer will help you build a much stronger attachment with your partner at the same time as you becoming more attractive. 

No matter how much you feel you are the innocent victim of your partners affair. Statistics show that by leaving your partner (and putting all the blame on them for your relationship problems) you are like to form exactly the same type of relationship again in the future.


Are There Different Kinds of Marital Affairs?

Am I Wrong to Worry That my Partner Might be Having an Affair?

What if it is me Who is Having the Affair?

What if my Partner is Having an Affair?

Keeping yourself in the dark is not going to keep you safe. In Back From the Looking Glass I will explain to you step by step how I rebuilt my Narcissistic / Codependent marriage

"As painful as the idea of your partner having an affair may be - keeping yourself in the dark will not keep you and your family safe."

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Affairs can be emotional or physical and may even be fantasy in the case of a person with pornography addiction, romance novel addiction or a crush or obsession with another romantic interest. 

This does not mean you are to blame or that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from your partners bad behaviour. We want to help you learn how to set better boundaries and stand up for yourself effectively. This may or may not earn your partners respect - but even if you still separate because their infidelity continues it will leave you in a much better position.

You should know that affairs usually mean that there is a whole web of lies you are living with including your partner embezzling money from your partnership to spend on their affair and using other family members as their alibi.

I know of a man who pretended he was spending time and giving money to his 18 year old son (after he moved out of home and into a new area) that he was really spending on his mistress. This poor boy was left alone to fend for himself with very little money or companionship while his family all believed he was being ‘spoiled’ by his father. 

This is just one story out of hundreds I have heard about the collateral damage caused in families by affairs. 

We want to help you grow stronger and be able to face these problems whether the affairs are physical, emotional or fantasy.  

This boy didn’t tell his step mother or other members of his family because he was scared of his father and also scared of hurting her. 

Would you like your children left in this situation because they felt you were not strong enough to handle the truth?

Back from The Looking Glass
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that Causes Domestic Abuse ...

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- Affairs (physical, emotional & fantasy)

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