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An abusive person may see their partner as a kind of parent figure and feel vulnerable or threatened if they show any sign of neediness or weakness. Signs of strength in their partner on the other hand may cause them to fear they might be abandoned.  

Emotions are powerful and if you don’t know what they are signaling can be very hard to manage (see codependency).

Emotional abuse may be inflicted by a partner who feels vulnerable and unable to deal with life or who may be puffing themselves up with false pride to hide their shame and fear of abandonment.

Does your partner respond to your emotions in inappropriate ways? 

You cannot increase your general intelligence - but happily you can increase your emotional intelligence. Working on this and other personal development skills to help you feel more secure as a person will certainly help ...

A different form of emotional abuse is when a person uses their emotions to try and force their will on you, insisting you obey them because they are angry, or expecting you drop everything to ‘cheer them up’ every time they are depressed. sad or upset.   

Do they get grouchy when you are happy? Or ignore you when you are angry, depressed or upset? Even worse, do they become aggressive or nasty when you feel vulnerable, hurt or sad.   

Emotional Abuse

What is Emotional Abuse?

What if I am Guilty of Emotional Abuse?

Why Do People Inflict Emotional Abuse on Their Family?

What Can I Do if I am the Victim of Emotional Abuse?

Simply put they may want their partner strong enough to care and provide for them, but also too weak to ‘run away’.  

This is just one form of emotional abuse. 

What Can an Emotional Abuser Feel Threatened By?

Just because you can’t directly control a person’s behaviour to make them stop emotionally abusing you doesn’t mean you are powerless. In fact by shifting your own behaviour patterns and learning to set strong boundaries you can massively influence both sides of your relationship.

"After years of research trying to resolve

the never ending conflict that Steve and I once lived through,

I was finally directed to information which helped

me understand that the emotional abuse was a symptom

of our Narcissistic / Codependent Marriage ...  "

This can result in a cycle of knocking their partner down - only to pick them back up and insist they stay on their feet.  

Partly because of this, partners in abusive relationships often become chronically ill from the stress.  

The Little Book of Empathy Cover

- Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Your Partner

Are You Treated Different in Private than in Public?

  1. -Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Yourself

Are Your Nerves Shattered from Hiding Your Shame?

Back from The Looking Glass
Living with the Disorder

that Causes Domestic Abuse ...

Kim and Steve Cooper

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- Affairs (physical, emotional & fantasy)

Kim and Steve are your hosts at www.TheLoveSafetynet.com

Relationship Experts - Because We’ve Been There!

Learn How I Ended the Emotional Abuse . . .

“You're providing the "impossible to find ...”

Please write more. The broken hearts in this world need to identify with others and know there's spiritual help/friendship while they heal. You're providing the "impossible to find" these days. And even more, you're providing instructions for how to not cast the so-called permanently damaged out into the cold. 

Hugs and love, 

Kathy WaldenUSA

“I don't know what I'd do without your encouragement ...”

Kim, Thank you for your wonderful emails, I don't know what I'd do without your encouragement.


“Please keep the mail coming, it is a lifeline to me ...”

Kim I Will be brief but sincere,

Thank you for everything. I am sure you don’t know how much impact you have. It is very comforting to know you are there. 

Please keep the mail coming, it is a lifeline to me ...


Just thought I would let my favorite couple of the world know everything is going great and it was mostly cause of you, thank you so much!

Tina G.

“Everything is going great ...”

You are quite simply the most incredible inspiration in my life ... Elsie

Are You Treated Different in Private than in Public?
Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Your Partner